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Our Story

Our Story

Our journey started way back in 2012, when one of our Founder was just experimenting with how Facebook pages work. Yes, that’s how the story of Janakpuri Connect started which was the inspiration behind what we today know as New Delhi Connect, a Community of the Dilliwalas, for the Dilliwalas and by the Dilliwalas.

A techno enthusiast, at the tender age of 16, the founder was just experimenting how the Facebook pages work when he created his first page “Janak Puri”. The Place where he lived with the thought of digitizing his community. Initially any news in and around the Janakpuri was posted on the page. 3 years down the line, in 2015 he officially collaborated with the local RWA’s to promote and spread the official and authentic news of the RWA’s and the community. Along, with covering the celebration of festivals in the area ranging from Dussehra to Gurupurab.

A few years down the line, when the outreach of this community was at its peak, he started sharing the problems the people were facing around them which even caught the attention of local Political Leaders who addressed these issue within 24 hours of the news first emerging on the page.

The founder’s belief in bringing the Janak Puri community digitally together kept the growth of this community on track. The original and authentic content gradually connected with the people and in 2018, the community rebranded from Janak puri to Janakpuri Connect with the focus on sharing genuine stories in and around Janakpuri.

Fast forward to 2020, the founder met with two more tech savvy aficionado enthusiast who wanted to connect the whole of Delhi, when they co-founded New Delhi Connect, a Community of the Dilliwalas, for the Dilliwalas and by the Dilliwalas. With the aim to connect Dilliwalas across the globe and build a platform to raise local issues, connect with fellow Dilliwalas, and feature our Delhi in a unique way. Since New Delhi Connect was in a way extension of Janakpuri Connect, the same ideology is depicted from our logos where a new connection was added in the logo of New Delhi Connect.


Our Experience

With the total experience of 15+ years in Media industry, the all three founders come from different professional and educational backgrounds and bring in varied expertise to this organization. Apart from our New Delhi Connect venture, feel free to ask us about:

  • Web Development
  • Graphic Designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Cloth Printing Industry
  • Corporate gifting

Our Approach

We at New Delhi Connect follow community driven information sharing platform, where majority of the content is shared by the community itself, we just make sure it reaches to all those who are connected with us on any platform. We also share authenticated and Government verified information relevant to our communities.